Irish Times First rounds – motions

Heat 1 “This house believes Israeli policy is the major obstacle to peace in the Middle East”
Heat 2 “This house believes that global security demands a McCain victory”
Heat 3 “This House regrets the demise of the Progressive Democrats”
Heat 4 “This house would ban the eating of meat”
Heat 5 “This house would ban recreational air travel”
Heat 6 “This house would refuse to fund the Arts”
Heat 7 “This house would end all private political donations”
Heat 8 “This house believes in retributive justice”
Heat 9 “This house would introduce compulsory community service.”
Heat 10 “This house believes earning a licence should be necessary to vote”
Heat 11 “This house would fund science at all costs”
Heat 12 “This house would jail parents for the crimes of their children”
Heat 13 “This house would no longer pick up the tab for those living unhealthy lives”
Heat 14 “This house believes the time to fund RTE is at an end.”
Heat 15 “This house would join a European Army”
Heat 16 “This house believes the Celtic Tiger took away more than it ever gave”

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