John Smith Memorial Mace, Irish Leg 2012

Heat 1, 2, 3: THW create a permanent seat for the Travelling Community in the Dáil.
Heat 4, 5, 6: THW create a constituency for the Irish abroad.
Heat 7, 8, 9: THW allow Asylum Seekers to work.
Heat 10, 11, 12: THW compel parents to take equal paternity and maternity leave.
Heat 13, 14, 15: THW require the unemployed to participate in community work to be eligible for social welfare.
Heat 16, 17, 18: THW re-introduce the punishment of banishment for serious crimes.
Heat 19, 20, 21: THW grant the police the ability to stop and search without reasonable suspicion in designated areas and times.
Heat 22, 23, 24: THB the US Federal Government should continue to enforce the national prohibition on drugs in states which legalise the personal use of cannabis.

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