WSDC 2017 Indonesia

The tournament started on the 1st of August and is going on right now. As for now we only have the prepared motions, and the pairing of the teams. The pairing you can see on the picture, and here are the prepared motions. As the tournament goes on, we will add all the impromptu motions, so that you can discuss them in the comments!

Here are the motions (Prepared motions are marked as bold:
Preliminary Round 1: This house would ban for-profit universities and colleges
Preliminary Round 2: Impromptu, waiting on the motion
Preliminary Round 3: This house would deny tax-exempt status to religious institutions that refuse to appoint female leaders
Preliminary Round 4: Impromptu, waiting on the motion
Preliminary Round 5: This house would make labor union membership compulsory in large industries
Preliminary Round 6: Impromptu, waiting on the motion
Preliminary Round 7: This house believes that the NATO Enhanced Forward Presence in Eastern Europe does more harm than good
Preliminary Round 8: Impromptu

So, how do you like the motions. What is your favourite?

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