National Law School Debate 2008

Round One: The United Nations
– THW reorganize the United Nations into an American style, bicameral legislature.
– THS full membership status for Kosovo in the United Nations.
– THBT the United Nations should send a multinational peacekeeping force to Sri Lanka.

Round Two: Fashion and Style
– THBT modeling agencies should be required to provide medical benefits to their employees that cover the cost of treatment for eating disorders.
– THW not allow children to work in the modeling industry.
– THBT government should prohibit national beauty pageants from utilizing minimum height requirements.

Round Three: Elections
– THS a McCain/Palin victory in the US election.
– THW require candidates for national leadership to participate in at least 3 televised debates prior to election day.
– THBT that judges for the highest national court should be popularly elected.

Round Four: Sports
– THW allow the use of performance enhancing drugs in international sporting competitions.
– THBT all future Olympic Games should provide prize money for medalists.
– THW ensure that all transgendered athletes are able to participate in the Olympics as members of their new gender.

Round Five: Law and Economics
– TH rejects the right to strike.
– THBT government should not bailout failing banks.
– THBT that employers have no right to restrict employee conduct outside of working hours.

Round Six: Food
– THBT McDonald’ s should sell beef in India.
– THW censor fast food advertising to children.
– THW provide tax breaks to all citizens who follow a balanced, low fat diet.

Elimination Rounds

Octofinals: Non Human Nature
– THBT violent action to protect the environment is justified.
– THBT forest conservation policies must respect the rights of indigenous inhabitants.
– THS economic sanctions against any nation that does not act to reduce their carbon emissions.

Quarterfinals: Religion and Politics
– THBT the state should not provide any special benefits to its citizens on the basis of religion.
– THBT political leaders should be prevented from publicly attributing their achievements to God.
– TH prefers theocracy to communism.

Semifinals: Issues in Sexuality
– THBT universities should offer an elective course on effective sexual techniques.
– THS the legalization of homosexuality.
– THW utilize government resources to provide free sterilization procedures to the general public.

Finals: Philosophical Principles
– THBT utilitarianism should not be used to justify human rights violations.*
**(This was the final round motion)
– THBT, in the future, human clones should not be granted rights equal to humans.
– THBT laws punishing crimes against humanity should be applied retro-actively.

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