Young Ones
THW allow abortion on the ground of permanent physical deformity.
THBT the government should take away obese children from their parents.
THBT the state should financially support single teenage pregnantmothers.

THW not allow elected MPs to change their political parties.
THW allow unrestricted religious conversion of its citizens.
THBT Malaysian government should end its subsidy on oil.

Bargaining and Concessions
THW give aid to Myanmar in exchange of political concessions from themilitary junta
THBT it is time for South Africa to cut its aid to Zimbabwe until Mugabesteps down
THW make recognition of an independent Kosovo a precondition forSerbia’s membership into the WTO

THW legalize incestuous marriages
THW recognize the choice of identity for those who have undergone sexualreassignment surgery
THBT Non-citizens should not be allowed to be legal prostitutes

THW have airtime quota on domestic media to promote women’s sports.
THBT players should walk off the field in response to racisthooliganism.
TH should lift the ban on expression of political beliefs by athletesduring sporting events.

THW make economic aid conditional on opening up development tenders toforeign bidders
TH would punish companies’ home for bribing abroad
This house would make eco-labeling mandatory for cross-border trade

This house would restrict aid to troubled democracies unless their election is held under an international body.
This house would ban campaign contribution from foreign entities innational election.
THBT Asian democracies should disallow the succession of close relativesto top political posts

State & Religion
This House would allow use of Sharia Law for Muslim minorities inBritain
THW grant unrestricted access to pilgrimage sites to people of otherfaiths.
THW impose a quota for female teachers on government subsidized madrasas

Food Security
THW impose a moratorium on the production of Bio-Fuel
THW nationalize the food production
THW not leave food prices in the hands of the market

US Foreign Policy
THBT United States should lift the embargo on Cuba
THBT Lebanon should accept United States’ offer of military aid tofight the Hezbollah
THBT United States should involve Iran in the nation-building of Iraq

THBT Media corporations should be held accountable only to theirshareholders
THBT broadcast media organizations in the US should provide equalairtime to competing views on controversial issues.
TH supports full live television coverage of legislative sessions

THW supports surrogacy for profit
THBT private insurance companies should be allowed to access geneticinformation of its policy applicants
THW ban pharmaceutical companies from giving monetary compensation toclinical trial volunteers

In Times of War
THBT United States should not detain juvenile enemy combatants
THBT conscription of child soldiers by their parents is justified in thewar for freedom
THBT in times of war, the state should offer convicts imprisoned forheinous crimes the option to fight for the army in exchange ofconditional pardon.

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