WSDC 2005 – Calgary, Canada

World Schools Debating Championships in 2005 were held in Calgary, Canada. Here are the motions from the tournament:

THBT the costs of space exploration outweigh the benefits
THBT political parties should receive state funding
THW use affirmative action in response to historical injustice
THBT education policy should be the responsibility of local authorities
I: THBT censorship does more harm than good
I: THBT civil marriage should be open to homosexual couples
I: THW negotiate with terrorists
I: THW not give development aid to non-democratic governments
I: THW ban the use of human embryos in scientific research (Bye-Round)
OF: THBT national security should take precedence over individual rights
QF: THBT the first priority of criminal justice should be rehabilitation, not retribution
SF: THB in regional trading blocs rather than global free trade
GF: THBT the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council should not have veto power

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