WSDC 2004 – Stuttgart, Germany

World Schools Debating Championships were held in Stuttgart, Germany in the year 2004. Here are the motions:

THBT Turkey should join the European Union
THW make use of genetically modified crops to feed the world
THBT trade unions impede progress
THBT religion has no place in state schools
I: THBT fast food companies should pay people compensation for damaging their health
I: THW prosecute teenagers as adults for criminal offences
I: THBT governments should protect their native languages
I: TH condemns the influence of the music industry on today’s youth
I: THW do away with the Olympic Games (Bye-Round)
OF: THBT welfare state should be scrapped
QF: THBT political parties have too much influence on democratic elections
SF: THBT globalisation perpetuates social inequity
GF: THBT the world facing a clash of civilisations

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