World University Debate Championship Glasgow 2001

First Rounds
1. This house would ban criminals from voting (Cancelled due to mis times announcement)
1b. This house would give Europe it’s own Army
2. This house would put a speed limit on human Traffic
3. This house would make company directors criminally liable for the wrongs of their company
4. This house believes the US should get out of the middle east
5. This house would make pollution a tradable commodity
6. This house would remove patents on pharmacutical drugs from the 3rd world.
7. This house believed that the WTO should grant exemptions to developing nations
8. This house would ban performance enhancing drugs in sport
9. Round Cancelled. Octo-Finals: This house would outlaw genetic discrimination
Quater Finals: This house supports a one child policy
Semi-Final: This house would make reparations for slavery
Final: This house would elect it’s judges
Public Speaking:
Round 1: 5 min prep on a film quote (e.g. “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get next”)
Round 2: Prepared motion: “So long as even one hundred of us remain alive, we will never submit to the rule of the English”
Final: Impromptu

Semi-Final: This house would keep peacekeepers out of civil wars
Final: This house believes that a language which needs proteting isn’t worth protecting.

Final: This house would squeeze the rich until the pip squeaks
Semi: This house believes that the rights of the child are paramount
Quarter: This house would censor hate

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