World University Debate Championship Sydney 2000

First Rounds
1. That this house believes that election campaigns should be fully financed by the state.
2. That this house demands work for welfare
3. That this house would alter its genetic code.
4. That this house would put worker’s rights before trade rights.
5. That this house would have lots of sex.
6. That this house would ignore the war in Chechnya.
7. That this house believes religious doctrines are more important than women’s rights.
8. That this house likes its environmentalists radical.
9. That this house would put corporate profits before individual privacy.

Octo Final: That Asia should take the liberal path.
Qtr Final: That this house would shut down Macdonalds.
Semi Final: This House Believes the IMF is the British Empire of Today
Final: This house believes Marx would have approved of the internet

Final: This house favours Positive discrimination

Semi That women should apply lipstick.
Rd 1 This house would Club Baby Seals

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