World University Debate Championship Toronto 2002

First Rounds
1. This house would bail out failing industries.
2. This house believes that making Yassar Arrafat a partner in peace was a mistake
3. This house believes that the west should treat state sponsored sexism as aparthide
4. This house believes that the WTO is the friend of the developing world
5. This house would force feed anorexics
6. This house believes that political assassinations are a legitimate tool of foreign policy.
7. This house supports domestic content quotas in broadcasting
8. This house believes that the sexual history of rape victime should be admissible in court
9. This house believes that US foreign policy is responsible for September 11.
Octo-Finals: This house would extradite accused criminals to face the death penalty
Quater Finals: This house supports surrogacy for profit
Semi-Final: This house believes that civil liberties must be restricted in the interests of security
Final: This house would ban prisoners publishing accounts of their crimes
Semi-Final: THis house believes that prisoners have no right to vote
Final: This house believes that the Nobel Prize proves that the UN has a strong role to play

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