WSDC 1999 – London, England

Motions from the 11th World Schools Debating Championships held in London, England in 1999

R1: THW legalise performance-enhancing drugs in sport. 

R2: THBT the International Criminal Court won’t work.
R3: TH regrets the influence of Hollywood.
R4: TH fears the Millenium.
R5: THW break the law to protect the rights of animals.
R6: THBT the Kyoto Summit didn’t go far enough.
R7: TH condemns the bombing of Iraq.
R8: THBT governments should never restrict freedom of speech.
OF: THBT multi-nationals are the new imperialists.
QF: TH supports the televising of criminal trials.
SF: TH believes in the nuclear deterrent.
GF: THBT the state has a duty to protect individuals from themselves.

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