IIUM Debate League Motions

Round 1: Legal/Politics
1. THBT the Shariah Law has a Place in British Courts
2. THBT the Australian Government Should Compensate the Aborigines
3. THW Not Recognize an Independent Kosovo

Round 2: Social
1. THW Ban Size Zero Models from the Runway
2. THW Monitor Employees’ Internet Activities During Office Hours
3. THW Make Governments Register their Bloggers

Round 3: Politics
1. THW Grant the Kurds a Home
2. THBT Pakistan Should do More in the Fight Against Terror
3. THBT Cross Border Offensive is a Legitimate Tool to Protect National Security

Round 4: Economics
1. THBT Trade and Environment Should Be Kept Separate
2. THW Support Government Bail Outs of Failing Industries
3. THBT the WTO Has Outlived its Purpose

Round 5: Entertainment
1. THBT Amy Winehouse Should Not Have Won the Grammys
2. THBT Trials Involving Celebrities Should be Held Behind Closed Doors
3. THBT Celebrities Have No Right To Privacy


Source: http://parliamentarydebate.blogspot.com/

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