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23-30 NOVEMBER 2008

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  • Full program for students – instruction, tournament

  • Tournament for students – tournament in Maribor.

  • Full program for trainers, teachers, coaches, club leaders, judges at any level in any debate format


Organized by:
ZIP – Za in proti (ZIP), Pro et Contra, Institute for the Culture of Dialogue, Slovenia
WDI – World Debate Institute, University of Vermont, USA


  • Loke Wing Fatt, Singapore: Well known Asian debate trainer, WUDC breaking judge, honorary professorship North-Eastern University China, SAID Singapore, 4th IDAS.

  • Jens Fischer, Germany: Berlin Debating Union, Chief Adjudicator at Europeans, 3rd IDAS.

  • Sam Greenland, UK/Hong Kong/Australia: WUDC semifinalist for Sydney, Hong Kong world schools coach, 3rd IDAS.

  • Neil Harvey-Smith, UK: President Worlds Council, Chief Adjudicator Europeans 2008, US Universities 2009, WUDC finalist, 2nd IDAS.

  • Steve Llano, USA: Professor at St. John’s University NY, NE USA Director of the Year, USA National Champion coach, 3rd IDAS.

  • Branka Marusic, Croatia: President Europeans Council, IDAS Finalist, 2nd IDAS.

  • Rhydian Morgan, UK: Chief Adjudicator and Finals judge at numerous tournaments, Welsh Debating Federation, World Debate Institute faculty 2008, 2nd IDAS.

  • Debbie Newman, UK: Past president of Cambridge Union, England & Wales National Champion, former Director of Centre for Speech & Debate at English-Speaking Union, England World Schools coach.

  • Alfred Snider, USA: Professor at University of Vermont, Director World Debate Institute, USA Coach of the Year, six recent debate textbooks, 6th IDAS.

  • Bojana Skrt, Slovenia: Director ZIP, twice WSDC EFL Champion coach, 6th IDAS.

| Ormo? Castle | Symposium with EU and USA ambassadors |

Students: Each Instruction day features a main lecture, exercise and drill sessions, and two complete critiqued practice debates. Many elective classes offered. Many training preparation sessions offered. Judge evaluation and training offered.
Trainers: Special track created based on the needs of attending trainers. All welcome.

Sponsored by IDAS, ZIP and hosted by Debate Club University of Maribor Faculty of Law. Six preliminary rounds and semifinals in the WUDC format. No team caps as of now. Faculty will serve as adjudication core and administration for the tournament.

Rooms and full meals provided in Ormoz and Maribor. Social activities organized each evening.

Includes all meals, double rooms, instructional materials, transportation from Ormoz to Maribor, and social activities. 200 Euros for full program, 50 Euros for tournament.

Financial Disclosure: IDAS is a non-profit program, trainers are not paid, trainer travel is not reimbursed, participation fees pay for attendee expenses of rooms and food only, trainers accommodations and food and other costs are covered by ZIP.

Social Events : We will have frequent social events. We will not distribute free alcohol to 18+ attendees out of the workshop fees. We will seek soft drinks-beer-wine sponsors. We prioritize scholarships for attendees over free alcohol. We want as many people as possible to join the fun.

Applications and information available from:
Whole Program Form
Tournament Only Form

Questions? Conatct Bojana Skrt, [email protected]

Organizing committee:
Director of the Academy: Bojana Skrt, ZIP, [email protected] 
Head of Training: Alfred C. Snider, World Debate Institute, University of Vermont, [email protected]
Tournament Host, Zlata Subinski
Assistant Director, Peter Mesarec
Social Director, Helena Felc


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