Come to IDAS 2008

23-30 NOVEMBER 2008


Debate lectures and workshops with practice debates, and it all ends with a debate tournament.

Faculty and tournament judges:

Loke Wing Fatt, Jens Fischer, Sam Greenland, Neil Harvey Smith, Steve Llano, Branka Marušic, Rhydian Morgan, Uve Poom, Alfred Snider, Bojana Skrt.

Rooms, 3 full meals and socials every evening (Helena Felc is the socials Director, so it will be FUN)

Fees: Includes all meals, double rooms, instructional materials, transportation from Ormoz to Maribor, and social activities.
200 Euros for full program, 50 Euros for tournament.

Contact Bojana Skrt

Application for the entire program or just the tournament .

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