Korea Australs 2011

Motions from the 2011 Australs in Korea

That sporting teams should not tour nations whose players have been found guilty of match fixing
That sporting bodies should allow the use of al performance enhancing drugs
That we should restrict access to international competitions for nations who abuse their athletes

Round 2:Development
That a fixed proportion of development aid should be allocated to microcredit schemes
That developing nations should embrace medical tourism
That the World Bank and IMP chairs should be selected on a rotational regional basis

Round 3:Government
That military officers should be allowed to criticize the governments
That we should abolish parliamentary privilege as a defense to defamation
That the public should directly elect US Supreme Court Justices

Round 4:International relations
That we should not sell uranium to India
That Mexico should cease the war on drugs
That South Korea should return to the Sunshine Policy

Round 5:Economics
That Greece should return to the Drachma
That we should prohibit price gouging after natural disasters
That we should recognize the necessity of sweatshops

Round 6:Crime and punishment
That the state should not fund medical care for those injured as a result of committing crimes
That employers should not have access to job applicants’ criminal records
That juries should return not guilty verdicts if they believe laws are unjust

Round 7:Aboreligion
That we should grant automatic asylum to women living in states which practice Shariah law.
That the state should refuse to tolerate sexist indigenous cultural practices
That it is legitimate to oppose religion by seeking out and exposing private immoral behavior of religious leaders

Round 8:Illicit markets
That we should allow the trade of endangered animals
That states should forbid non-citizens from working in the sex industry in order to prevent human trafficking
That we should be allowed to buy and sell children

Double Oct:Politics
That politicians should be able to nominate certain campaign promises as legally binding on them upon assuming power
That we should remove tax exempt status from any organization that funds or engages in political activity.
That individuals should be able to direct portion of state funding for medical care to alternative medicines

Open Oct:International relations2
That we should recognize the independence of Somaliland
That China should remove all restrictions on internal migration
That colonial states have a duty to intervene in failed postcolonial states.

That we should create a system of tradeable fishing quotas
That we should allow indigenous groups to manage their own environmental resources as they see fit.
That we should prohibit corporations from sponsoring academic research

That developing nations should sell sovereignty over autonomous zones to entrepreneurs
That all artists should receive a percentage of the resale value of their work
That developing nations should retaliate against developed-world protectionism by refusing to respect intellectual property laws

That the US should close down all of its military basis in Asia
That Israel should publicly admit possession of nuclear weapons
That nations should use bounty hunters to capture or kill enemies

ESL QF:Families
That the receipt of family benefits should be conditional on the implantation of long-term contraceptives
That welfare-dependent students who perform well academically should receive bonus payments
That parents should receive extra vote per child in elections

ESL SF:Media
That there should be a minimum quota for domestically created content in media
That media organizations should be required to provide equal airtime to all political parties
That the government should not regulate or rate media content

ESL GF:Institutions
That the WTO should allow nations to place tariffs on imports that damage the environment
That ASEAN should allow the free movement of labor
That the ICC should only indict leaders at the conclusion of conflicts

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