WSDC 2007 Hong Kong

Motions from the World Schools Debate Championship of 2007, held in Hong Kong.

Round 1 Motion: This House would make the development of clean industry a condition for receiving non-emergency aid
Round 2 Motion: This House would ban the use of models who are under a healthy weight
Round 3 Motion: This House believes that Holocaust denial should be a crime
Round 4 Motion: This House believes that governments should not limit the areas which scientists may research
Round 5 Motion: This House believes that the United States should withdraw from its military bases in Asia
Round 6 Motion: This House would legalize all drugs
Round 7 Motion: This House believes that free trade harms the developing world
Round 8 Motion: This House would limit media reporting of terrorist atrocities
Octo-Final Motion: This House would force organizations to place more women in senior positions
Quarter-final Motion: This House would privatise public utilities companies

Grand final
This House would abolish the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty

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