NPDA 2008 motions

NPDA Nationals Resolutions: 2008

TH should legalize prostitution

2This House should increase regulation of home school education.

3Ground the fleet

4 Mute the red phone

5The United States should value constructive engagement over isolation.

6 When in conflict, United States politicians should value their personal conscience over the will of the people.

7 The North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s responsibility for European defense should be transferred to the European Union.

8 The North American Free Trade Agreement should be dissolved.

Quad Octas The USFG should eliminate subsidies for the production of ethanol.

Triple Octas The United States Supreme Court should rule to substantially restrict gun ownership in the United States.

Double Octas The U.S. should substantially check growing Chinese influence in Africa.

Octas The United States Federal Government should expand the scope of the federal Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993.

Quarters Access to potable water should be a human right.

Semis Russia should reinstate the cold war with the United States.

Finals America needs a Presidential unity ticket.

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