German Language Championships 2012

Motions from the German Language Championships held in Austria, June 7-10. The motions are translated from the German language, because the tournament was in German.

Round 1: This house would oblige pharmaceutical companies to spend half of their research budgets on illnesses that occur primarily in developing countries
Round 2: This house wouldforbid domestic security services to monitor Members of Parliaments
Round 3: Thise house would continue the European Football Championships with 16 participating teams
Round 4: This house, which is technically capable to do so, would clone Neandertalers
Round 5: This house would create Eurobonds
Round 6: This house would not perform any plays of Thomas Bernhard in Austria
Round 7: This house supports the foundation of an independent Kurdic state
Quarter: This house condemns the use of unmanned weapon systems (drones) against human targets
Semi: This house would use geo-engineering to combat climate change
Final: This house supports large-scale migration from poor to rich regions in the European Union

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