Dutch National Championships 2012

NK Debatteren, the Dutch National Championships were held in the Netherlands, April 21-22 2012. Here are the motions, translated from the Dutch language:

Round 1: This house believes that political parties should not take gender into account when selecting candidates for voting lists
Round 2: Situation slide: You are a single British mother with a teenage son and daughter. The UK has recently mandated internet providers to use filters to block pornographic material. The filter can be taken down by a phone call by an adult. You do not watch porn. Motion: You call the internet provider to take down the filter, while your children are present
Round 3: This house would abolish the tax rebate on mortgage interest
Round 4: This house would allow the Reclame Code Commissie (Dutch Advertising Standards Authority) to ban advertisements which affirm gender roles
Round 5: Context slide:You are Werner Heisenberg, a brilliant physicist. It is June 1942. You have done two years of research into nuclear fission, necessary to build an atomic bomb. You are a patriotic German, but not a nazi fanatic. You cooperate actively with the nazis. You do not know about the Holocaust. Albert Speer, Nazi-minister of armament and munition asks whether it is at all possible to build an atomic bomb and whether Germany can build one in three years. Your calculations indicate both are possible. Your advice is decisive for the continuation of Germany’s nuclear program. Motion: You lie to Albert Speer and tell him the atomic bomb cannot be built.
Round 6: This house would abolish the income criteria for family reunification (when bringing family members to the Netherlands for permanent settlement, the applicant must have an income significantly higher than the minimum wage)
Semi: This house believes that, upon death, every person’s body should revert to the state for scientific use or for organ donation depending on necessity
Novice final: This house believes that in countries where abortion is illegal, no exceptions should be made for cases of incest or rape
Final: This house believes that every Dutch family with an average or higher income has a moral obligation to take in a foster child (child from foster care)


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