Bogwall, Edinburgh 2013

Round 1: This house believes the (same-sex couples) Marriage Bill 2013 should remove the right of religious institutions to refuse to perform same-sex marriages
Round 2: This house believes that past colonial empires should pay reparations to their former colonies who are still classed as developing
Round 3: This house believes that feminist political activists should form a separate political party based on feminist ideology, rather than joining existing parties
Round 4: This house would Pay Additional Benefits to Families on Welfare Whose Children are Excelling in School
Semi: THBT America should refuse to engage with any attempts to end cyber warfare
Final: Info: You are Sherlock Holmes, pursuing your arch nemesis, Moriarty. Moriarty is an elusive criminal mastermind with a global network. This network is responsible for countless murders, extortions and a number of other large-scale criminal acts. You have captured Moriarty’s henchman and have enough evidence to convict him of a number of charges, including murder. Before you take him to the police, the henchman offers to give you vital information about Moriarty’s plans and whereabouts which MAY lead you to finally catch him and foil his plans for evil- in exchange for letting the henchman go free. Your deductive reasoning tells you that this is not a trap. Motion: This house, as Sherlock Holmes, Would accept the henchman’s offer.

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