UK Debate Challenge 2013

Round 1: This house believes that feminists should oppose restrictions on the wearing of the burkha and the hijab
Round 2: This house would remove all non-military sanctions on Iran
Round 3: This house regrets the portrayal of the developing world in the fundraising campaigns of charitable organisations
Round 4: This house believes that state schools should instil in children the belief that anyone can succeed through hard work, regardless of their background
Round 5: This house believes that artists from dominant cultural majorities should not seek to portray minority cultures
Novice Final: You are a government employee who has found evidence that your state is carrying out actions you personally believe to be gravely immoral. You have no cause to believe these actions are illegal.Motion: This house would leak the evidence directly to the press
Semi: This house would abolish private property
Final: This house believes that The US should end the War on Terror

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