Great Gender Debate 2013

Round 1: This house would give incentives to women to participate in the military forces
Round 2: This house believes that we should stop gender affirmative action in refugees admission
Round 3: This house suggests  cohabitation as the new marriage
Round 4: This house would grant fathers paternity leave
Round 5: This house would only give brith to women
Round 6: This house believes that the government should pay women to become housewives
Round 7: This house believes that Islamic countries that allow women to drive should openly condemn countries who don’t
Round 8: This house would create a quota and provide subsidies for women home ownership
Round 9: This house would censor movies that objectify women
Round 10: This house would abolish single sex schools
Round 11: This house would prioritize the posting of female diplomats to countries with bad human rights record
Round 12: This house would ban arranged marriages
Round 13: This house would elect the women’s minister through a national elections where only women can vote
Round 14: This house believes that the state should compel employers to pay half of husbands salary directly into the wife’s account

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