Cambridge IV 2017

Round 1: This house would give companies tax breaks on all revenues paid as renumeration (salaries and bonus) to all female employees
Round 2: THR the substitution of digital entertainment (e.g. tv, movies, video games) for written materials (e.g. novels, Kindle, comic books) in the lives of children
Round 3: This house believes that former human rights activists under dictatorial regimes should not seek elected office (e.g. MP) after the transition to democracy
Round 4: This house prefers a world in which all religions believe in Universal Salvation
Round 5: This House regrets the rise of Xi Jinping

ESL semifinal: This house believes that criminal justice systems should never incorporate retribution as an aim in determining criminal punishments
Quarterfinal: This house would force all companies worth over $1 billion to list publicly
ESL Final: This House regrets the use of the term “moderate Muslim” by Muslims to identify themselves
Semifinal: In cases where a supreme court would currently rule on the compliance of a given law with a constitutional provision, THW hold a public referendum on whether to abandon that constitutional provision
Final: This house believes that it is always immoral to fight for one’s country

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