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Monthly lesson Book

Every month you get a Lesson Book focused on one topic. The Lesson Book is an e-book (you can read it on your computer, Kindle, iPad or smartphone). The first will be in your E-mail inbox TOMORROW. And then, on the same day every month.

Monthly e-mail club meeting

We meet every month on the 15th. And you will have the opportunity to receive an answer to every question that you have. You e-mail us all your questions, things that happened in your previous tournament and you did not know how to answer, and we will answer to ALL YOUR QUESTIONS.


The Debaters Cheat Sheet on Human Rights AND The Big Book of Debate Motions ARE FOR FREE. Usually worth $49,98, for you for FREE!

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Our members agree

I’ve improved so MUCH and I still do. I’m a member for more than a year and I’ve received so much better ranks on debate tournaments. I debate in LD and BP.


I got my debate partner to join and now we work on the materials together. Every Lessons Book gives so much knowledge and ideas!


Only $19.48 per month

Don’t like it? Get a complete refund and cancel your membership any time!

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