WSDC 2003 – Lima, Peru

World schools Debating Championships 2003 were held in Lima, Peru and here are the motions that were debated:

THW advertise prescription medicines
THBT current intellectual property laws are a brake on progress
THBT cultural treasures belong at home
THBT the sovereignty of nation states is an outdated concept
I: THBT voting in national elections should be compulsory
I: THBT sporting boycotts are a legitimate political tool
I: TH supports voluntary euthanasia
I: TH supports quotas for women in national parliaments
I: THB in trial by jury (Bye-Round)
OF: THW pay development aid direct to governments
QF: THW legalise prostitution
SF: THBT political decisions should not be dictated by religious beliefs
GF: THW end the war on drugs

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