What is this webpage about?

Well, we don’t mid you just browsing around the page, but it you feel that you are a bit lost on the page, we would like to help you. First find out, who you are, and we will tell you where to go.

I’ve never heard about debate before!

If this is who you are, then you should go and check out a couple of debate videos , and really see, what a debate is. After that you can read articles about how to debate, ask questions on the forum or read my blog (just subscribe, its easier.

If all that is not enough for you, maybe you would like to read a couple of debate books.

I’m a debater and look for new information!

Well, everything that I wrote for begginers, don’t worry, it won’t hurt you, but if you look for interesting debate tournaments to go to, here is a general tournament calendar and regulary updated debate tournament invitations list, the easiest way to be up to date is to RSS to it, you can do it HERE (everything there is in Europe is on it, for sure!)

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