This book is an overview of debate motions from debate tournaments from all around the world.

WUCD (BP worlds), EUDC, WSDC, All Asians and all other smaller and bigger tournaments, years and years back and current, all the motions are in the book. You can use them as excercise motions or you can use the motions for your tournaments. Check if your motions have been used before, you can search in the book and find motions by keywords.

You will receive a pdf varsion of the book, so you are able to open it on any device, mobile, desktop or tablet and take it with you. Yes, you can also make a copy of it and have it on multiple devices, so that you can have it always with you.

This is more than 450 PAGES of debate motions.

If you purchase it but feel this is not something for you, no worries. You can get a 100 % full refund, without any questions asked. All within 24 hours.



The E-book that has hundreds of debate motions from tournaments all around the world. Hundreds of debaters already have this e-book!

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