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This book was written for debaters by some of the best debaters of the time. All the authors were debaters or adjudicators on different debate tournaments, so they have a great idea of what works and what makes a winning argument.

We have collected all the theories on human rights that you will need for any debate motion, and we upgraded that. We searched for the best arguments for and against that motion and added examples that you can use directly in your debates.

So any motion that will come up on the topic of human rights, you will have all the answers already with you.

This is 47 pages of great content for you, this is why we call it the Cheat Sheet of human rights because you will feel as if you have an unfair advantage. But it is not true, all you have is great knowledge!

You will receive a pdf version of the book, so you are able to open it on any device, mobile, desktop or tablet and take it with you. Yes, you can also make a copy of it and have it on multiple devices, so that you can have it always with you.

If you purchase it but feel this is not something for you, no worries. You can get a 100 % full refund, without any questions asked. All within 24 hours.

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