Every debate format has some kind of preparation time. The time before the debate that you have to prep for the debate. 

This book is for those that are debating in formats where you need to come up with all the arguments in your prep time. In some debate formats this is always the case, for others (like the WSDC) this happens only in some rounds.

Anyway, if you have a limited time that you need to use for argument preparation, then you must follow the advice in this ebook. 15 pages from the best debaters with the Frequently Asked Questions and real-life examples.

You will receive a pdf version of the book, so you are able to open it on any device, mobile, desktop or tablet and take it with you. Yes, you can also make a copy of it and have it on multiple devices, so that you can have it always with you.

If you purchase it but feel this is not something for you, no worries. You can get a 100 % full refund, without any questions asked. All within 24 hours.

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