Kyiv Spring 2008 results

The tournament has taken place in Kyiv, Ukraine on May 2nd — 4th, 2008.

13 European countries were represented on the tournament. 17 teams debated in Ukrainian and 32 teams debated in English.

We are happy to announce that Derek Lande was our Chief Adjudicator this year. Kateryna Yablochkova and Leela Koenig assisted Derek as Deputy CAs.

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Ukrainian language track was covered by Chief Adjudicator Oleksiy Yatsenko and Deputy CA Andriy Kirmach.

Winner — ’16.12’ team, Donetsk (Daria Zhuravska, Danylo Hrachov).

Top-speaker — Jevhen Sakalo , Kharkiv (’Miy Khazyajin’ team).

English League:

Winner — ’Tallin’ team, Estonia (Uve Poom, Mihhail Jevdokimov).

Top-speaker — Uve Poom, Estonia (’Tallin’ team).

Congratulations for winners and thank you all.


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