Hart House IV 2008 Results

Hart House IV 2008{mosloadposition user9}

Champions: UCD L&H: Ian Boyle Harper & Stephen Boyle (on a 4-3 decision)

Brandeis – Turkish Secularism (Mark Samburg & Evan Green-Lowe)
Harvard – CUSID West (Alan Cliff & Chris Kolerok)
Queen's – Happy (Claudia Newman-Martin & Anisah Hassan)

Queen's – Doc (Christine Wadsworth & Sheldon McCormick)
McGill – Von Bering (Nicole Gileadi & Calvin Rosemond)
McGill – Van't Hoff (Sean Stefanik & Sophie McIntyre)
Alaska A (Severin Randal & Ben Ferguson)

Top Speaker: Mark Samburg (Brandeis – Turkish Secularism)

Top Public Speaker: Mark Samburg

Top Novice Team: Carleton Hates Fun (Emma Cole and Waleed Malik)

Top Novice Speaker: Max Rau – Western B

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