Zeit Debatte Karlsruhe 2011

The Die Zeit Debatten are a long running tournaments in Germany. Here are the motions from the tournament in the German town Karlshruhe, held on November 26th and 27th. The debates were held in German, so here is the English translation of the motions.

Round 1: Should appeal procedures (Einspruchsmöglichkeiten) against construction projects for renewable energy be cancelled?
Round 2: Should the inclusion of disabled children in German schools be stopped?
Round 3: Should the NPD be banned?
Round 4 (1st in-between round): Should human rights be cancelled for those persons who violate human rights?
Round 5 (2nd in-between round): Should news be censored when it could shake the confidence in the public finances of a Eurozone member?
Semi: Should the West support the uprising in Syria militarily?
Final: Do we need a United States of Europe?

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