USU 2011 motions – Vermont

Round 1: This House would mandate the purchase of insurance in disaster prone areas.
Round 2: This House would prosecute players who commit flagrant fouls for assault.
Round 3: This house would grant amnesty to dictators who voluntarily leave office.
Round 4: This house would would mandate a quota for women on the boards of large corporations.
Round 5: This house would create a public forum for active duty military personnel to criticize government policy.
Round 6: There is context: “Intellectual property is one or more of patents, copyright or trademarks.” This was read to the debaters before the motion was read. Round 6: TH would charge an annual tax on intellectual property.
Octofinal motion: This house believes that human shields are a legitimate target in war.
Quarterfinal motion: This house would instruct juries to acquit where they believe conviction not to be in the public interest.
Semifinal motion: This house believes in a constitutional right to a minimum standard of living.

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