UC Dublin 2006

1. This house would grant an amnesty to all illegal immigrants currently in the United states

2. This house believes that the Catholic church should allow the use of condoms in the fight against HIV/AIDS  in Africa

3. Tat this house believes the west should end military cooperation with pakistan until it holds free presidential elections

4. This house would prohibit women over the age of 45 years form undergoing assisted human reproduction

5. This house would give Japan a permanent seat on the UN security council

6. This house would not allow intelligent design to be included in the School science curriculum

7. This house would recognize a legally enforceable right to a minimum standard of living

8. This house supports the creation of an independent state for the Iraqi Kurds

9. This house supports indigenous persons convicted of a crime being sentenced by their community and not the courts

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ESL Semi: This house would abandon the civilian use of nuclear power

ESL Final: This house believes that European governments should pay parents to have children

EFL Octo: This house believes that international law should recognize the right of each state to unilaterally undertake armed humanitarian intervention

EFL Qtr: This house would permit legislating by citizen initiated  referendum

EFL Semi: This house would prohibit speeches that incite hatred (wording may be wrong)

EFL Final: This house would abolish all laws prohibiting cruelty to animals 

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