SOAS IV, London 2012

Round 1: TH regrets the criminalisation of squatting.
Round 2: THW allow high-ranked army officials, when in agreement, to reverse decisions made by democratic governments regarding military missions.
Round 3: THW fund research into the existence of a violent gene.
Round 4: THB that LGBTQI activism in countries with strong anti-gay policies does more harm than good.
Round 5: THW abolish all term-limits on the service of elected heads of state.
Open Quarter: THB it is legitimate for states to deny residence or asylum to immigrants who openly contradict their predominant values.
Open Semi: You are the British government. You have full guarantee that SAS (special air service) can enter the prison which currently holds the Pussy Riot Girls in Russia and you can remove them safely. THW enter Russia and remove the Pussy Riot Girls from their cells.
ESL Semi: THW not allow members of the royal family to serve in active combat.
ESL Final: THB that European States should end all funding for the arts until everyone lives above the national poverty level.
Open Final: THB the state should actively prosecute sexist and misogynist remarks.

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