SDO 2012

The debate motions from the debate tournament Singapore Debate Open 2012.

R1: THBT nude protests regress feminist movements.
R2: Assuming that it is feasible, THW actively encourage private mining operations on the moon.
R3: TH rejects the universality of rights of foreign workers.
R4: In the event of Zombie apocalypse, strained of resources, THW abandon survivors in infested areas in the attempt to save more people.
R5: THBT the future of the European Union lies in giving up the Euro currency.
R6: In developed countries with severe population replacement deficits, THW impose a sin tax on contraception
QF: THW allow repeat sex offenders d option of accepting permanent chemical castration in exchange for a lighter sentence
Main SF & Junior GF: THBT social injustice is a legitimate excuse for political violence
Final: THW pay Myanmar to take in the Rohingyas.

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