Red Sea Open 2013

R1: THW ban the circumcision of males under the age of 18.
R2: THBT Germany should grant asylum to Edward Snowden.
R3: THBT the jury in all medical malpractice trials should consist solely of medical professionals.
R4: TH Supports the Creation of a New Country, Open to All where the only Functions of the Government are to provide Security and to Protect Property Rights.
R5: TH Supports the actions of the Gulabi Gang. (Infoslide: The Gulabi Gang “the Pink gang” are a collection of women in North India that wear pink saris and engage in violent, non-lethal acts of vigilantism. They target men who they have reason to believe have gone unpunished for acts of violence against women.)
R6: This House, upon discovering Irrefutable Proof that God does NOT exist, Would use a fail safe system to destroy the proof and hide it from any human’s knowledge.

Semi Final: THBT the discovery of a means of stopping the aging process would be a bad thing for society. (Clarifying information for the Semi Final: For this debate ‘stopping the aging process’ means that bodies would stop aging after the age of 35; it does NOT mean that people would stop dying of things unrelated to the process of aging.)
Final: This House as the Israeli Debating League would refuse to accept a debating society from Ariel as a member. (Clarifying information for the Final: Ariel is an Israeli settlement in the West Bank.)

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