Oxford IV 2005 motions

Round 1: This house would lift the international ban on whaling
Round 2: This house would mandate the use of condoms in pornography
Round 3: This house would introduce a salary cap for European footballers
Round 4: This house believes that Russia should compulsorily renationalise its oil and gas industries
Round 5: This house believes that people who refuse to accept jobs which require them to remove religious dress should not recieve unemployment benefit

ESL Semi: This house would make English the single working language of the EU
ESL Final: This house believes that the outing of public figures is a legitimate tactic of the gay rights movement

Main Quarter: This house believes that fault should be a factor in the awarding of court ordered divorce settlements
Main Semi: This house believes that western nations should buy opium from Afghan farmers for morphine production

Main Final: This house believes that doctors should inform parents before carrying out abortions on under 16s

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