NUJS Parliamentary Debate 2013

Debate motions from the NUJS Parliamentary Debate tournament in 2013

Round 1: Kids & Education
1. TH supports the establishment of politically affiliated student unions in ALL universities (public/ private).
2. (Assuming that the technology is available) THBT parents have the right to install location chips in their children up to the age of 16.
3. TH mandates that all schools, including minority schools, expose their kids to atheism as part of the curriculum.

Round 2: Jobs
1. THBT all candidates contesting elections for public office should publish their personal health records prior to the election.
2. THW allow the Indian Administrative Service to recruit from the private sector for mid and high level positions.
3. THBT employers should have the right to impose random drug test on their employees.
Clarification: The Indian Administrative Service recruits through an entrance examination for entry into the cadre. Promotions for mid and senior level positions are made from within the cadre in the IAS

Round 3: #DelhiGangRape
1. THW allow the identity of rape victims to be revealed publicly, even without the consent of the victim.
2. THW abolish all extra-judicial religious/caste authorities that regulate social and legal conduct (khaps, Imams issuing fatwas).
3. THBT juveniles accused of rape should be tried and punished using the same standard as adults.

Round 4: Sports
1. THW let the public elect the Indian national cricket squad from a shortlisted pool of cricketers.
2. THW punish sporting teams for the misdemeanour of their fans.
3. (Assuming technology is available) THW do away with human referees in international sporting contests.

Round 5: Maa, Maati and Manush
1. THBT all companies mining natural resources should allocate a portion of annual profits from the region to the affected local population.
2. THW limit the ownership of multiple properties by citizens in land-strapped countries.
3. THW restrict urban-rural migration in developing countries.

Round 6: Doctors & Medicine
1. THBT medical professionals should be held criminally liable for abandoning their responsibility during an epidemic of contagious nature
2. THW compulsorily license all life-saving drugs in India
3. THBT hospitals must compensate patients participating in “medical trials” for incurable diseases/conditions.

1. Under compulsory license, an individual or company seeking to use a patent can do so without seeking the patent holder’s consent, and pays the patent holder a set fee for the license.
2. A compulsory license is granted by the government.

Octo-finals: First-world-problems
1. THBT companies should not be allowed to place contractual restrictions on employee conduct on social networks.
2. THW force luxury designer clothing houses to include plus-sizes for ALL their collections.
3. THBT there should be no retirement age for employees (public and private).

Quarter-finals: International Relations
1. This house believes that the West should provide preferential economic and political incentives to Arab democracies that adopt secular constitutions.
2. THBT countries should stop penalizing their nationals (citizens and companies) for bribing foreign public officials outside their territory.
3. THBT Israel should pre-emptively attack Syria

Semi-finals: Rights
1. TH supports the unregulated trade of human organs between consenting adults.
2. THBT the Boy Scout movement should be allowed to discriminate on the basis of homosexuality.
3. THBT historically oppressed ethnic minorities in democratic countries should be allowed to take pre-emptive measures of violence to protect themselves from the State.

THBT Civil Disobedience has lost its value in India.

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