Mitteldeutschen Regionalmeisterschaft

The Mitteldeutschen Regionalmeisterschaft was held in Jena, Germany, April 21-22 2012. Here are the motions translated from the german language:

Round 1: This house would abolish state imposed heritage protection
Round 2: There are states which prescribe quota for the number of women in Boards of companies. This house would prohibit companies from other states that do not fill the required quota in their Board to participate in public tenders in states with quotas.
Round 3: This house would limit media coverage of shootings
Round 4: When a ship threatens to breach a UN weapons embargo, This house would allow all states to stop the ship with the use of force.
Semi: This house believes that every person has the right to take pictures of works of art or performances and publish them as their own works of art
Final: This house would allow audio and video recording of court procedures and the public dissemination of the recordings

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