Manchester IV 2012

Round 1: This house belives that India should remove its ban on ‘The Satanic Verses’
Round 2: This house would invest in big casinos to rejuvenate economically disadvantaged areas
Round 3: This house belives the Greek Government should reject the latest EU, ECB & IMF bailout agreement
Round 4: This house belives the Gay Rights Movement should oppose Gay Pride Parades in Western Liberal Democracies
Round 5: This house belives that the states of former Yugoslavia should create a unified football league
Open QF: This house belives that Vladmir Putin should make a credible public offer to the United States for joint decommissioning of their entire nuclear arsenal
ESL SF: This house belives that the Media should not show images of police brutality
Open SF: This house belives that film stars, music stars & other popular entertainers should be prohibited from participating in political campaigns
ESL Final: This house would grant automatic asylum to women from countries under sharia law
Open Final: This house belives that Western European countries should teach an overwhelmingly negative version of their imperial histories

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