KHSDC IV 2008 motions

Motions:Round 1: Education
THB Korean universities should have the right to select their students based on their own standards.
THW require high school students take classes in fine art and music.
THB single sex schools are more effective than coeducational schools.
Round 2: THB that governments should exclusively use open source software for all administrative tasks.
Round 3: Sports
THB all professional sporting leagues should have wage caps for their athletes.
THW allow the use of performance enhancing drugs in sports.
THW require all nations participating in the Olympics to include female athletes in their delegations.
Round 4: Pop Culture and Media
THW censor obscene lyrics in music.
THB politicians should not be allowed to own media companies.
THB the Academy Awards do more harm than good.
Round 5: THB developing nations should nationalize their energy resources.

Round 6: Economics
THW abolish the inheritance tax.
THW abandon regional trading blocs for global, multilateral trade.
THB China’s position as the world’s factory does more harm than good.
Octofinals: Law and Order
THW have juries participate in all criminal trials.
THW post information about pedophiles on the Internet.
THB all white collar criminals should serve mandatory jail time.
Quarter Finals & Rookie Semi Finals: Massive Engineering Projects
THW join the race to build the world’s tallest building.
THW outlaw the reclamation of coastal wetland areas for development.
THB deep space exploration is a waste of resources.
Semifinals: International Relations
THS the partitioning of countries plagued by ethnic violence.
THB the United Nations should have a standing army.
THW make Jerusalem a UN protectorate.
Grand Final: THB minority communities brought over during past colonial rule have a right to reparations.

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