Israel’s English Cup 2018

Are you looking for the motions that were debated on the Israel’s English Cup 2018 ? It was held on the 9/12/2018. If you were there, please check the motions and tell me if anything is wrong. Also, leave a comment and tell us how did you enjoy the tournament.

Here are the motions:

Round 1 motion: This House Would exclusively fund African NGOs instead of Western NGOs working in African countries.
Round 2: This House Would strongly subsidize and promote feminist pornography.
Round 3: This House would forbid western tech companies from accepting chinese standards in order to access the chinese market (e.g. Google accepting censorship, Apple moving servers to china etc).
The Open Semi Final motion: This House Would ban ownership of 3D printers for personal use.
The Open Final motion: This House Opposes cultural and academic boycott.

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