Irish Times Round 2 2011

Debate motions from the Irish Times Round 2 in 2011, held between November 25 – November 30

Heat 1 – “This house would Remove all State Funding from RTE”
Heat 2 – “This house believes if Josef Mengele had Discovered a Cure for Cancer, it’d be morally Acceptable to use it”
Heat 3 “This house would Remove Equal State Suffrage in the United States Senate”
Heat 4 “Thouse Supports ‘The Right to be Forgotten’ (in relation to internet privacy)”
Heat 5 “This house believes Enda Kenny’s first 9 months as Taoiseach have been a success”
Heat 6 “This house would Allow Organised Fight Clubs”
Heat 7 “This house would Introduce Sex-Affirmative Action for Corporate Executives”
Heat 8 “This house would Abolish Libel”

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