Intra-IBA Debating Tournament 2012

Round 1: Children
1. This House supports child labor
2. This House will not allow Parents to raise their children in one particular faith
3. This House does not support the idea of unisex schools

Round 2: Rights
1. This House will give two votes to the Poor.
2. This House will not allow teachers the right to strike
3. This House will not give awards to celebrities who glorify or openly use Drugs.

Round 3: Sex and Relationship
1. This House will allow group marriages
2. This House will legalize prostitution
3. This House will allow transsexual sex offenders to be publicly punished by transsexuals.

Round 4: Bangladesh
1. This House will shift all military establishment out of Dhaka
2. This House will close all diplomatic ties with Pakistan till it apologizes for the genocide in 1971
3. This House will require a minimum Bachelor’s degree to stand in general election.

Round 5: Love and Affection
1. This House will allow public display of affection
2. This House will allow the over the counter sale of sex enhancing drugs and sex toys.
3. This house will ban all free pornography

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