India NLSIU Debate 2007

Demonstration Debate
• This house believes that televised singing competitions promote mediocrity

Round 1 (Theme: Public policy and governance)
• This house will levy higher excise duties on vehicles that pollute more
• This house believes that the President and Vice-President of India should be elected through universal adult franchise
• This house believes that post-conflict societies should choose reconciliation over criminal prosecution

Round 2 (Theme: Women)
• This house will prescribe the death penalty for those convicted of rape
• This house will lower the age of consent for marriage
• This house supports reservations for women in legislatures

Round 3 (Theme: International Relations)
• This house believes that the Non-Aligned movement (NAM) is a thing of the past
• This house believes that the Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN) must act against the Myanmar junta
• This house supports the construction of the Iran-Pakistan-India pipeline

Round 4 (Theme: Sports)
• This house believes that the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) should give the Indian Cricket League(ICL) its space
• This house believes that India is not ready for hosting a ‘Formula One’ race
• This house believes that cricket team managements are justified in issuing ‘gag-orders’ to their players

Round 5 (Theme: Education)
• This house supports reservations for religious minorities in educational institutions
• This house will prohibit formal prayers in public schools
• This house believes that the government should regulate private coaching institutions

Round 6 (Theme: Internet)
• This house will ban social networking sites in educational institutions
• This house believes that free online databases are in the best interests of authors
• This house believes that Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) applications will replace fixed and mobile telecom services

Quarter-Finals (Theme: Tourism)
• This house will ban ‘space tourism’
• This house believes that foreigners and citizens should be charged the same entry fees for visiting historical monuments
• This house believes that the re-selection of the ‘Seven Wonders of the World’ was a farce

Semi-finals (Theme: Economics and Development)
• This house will tax agricultural income in India
• This house will not force private commercial banks to operate branches in rural areas

Grand Final (Theme: Free Speech)
• This house will take away the power of judges to punish for contempt of court

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