Dutch Open 2012

The Dutch open tournament was held in the Netherlands on March 30-31. Here are the topics that were debated:

Round 1: This house would forcibly relocate indigenous peoples where their presence prevents the extraction of valuable resources
Round 2: This house believes that sex education classes should include sexual fetishes with the aim of normalising them.
Round 3: This house would not allow pre-nuptial agreements
Round 4: This house believes that developing countries should disregard intellectual property rights on life saving/preserving medicine
Round 5: This House Would covertly fabricate evidence that politicians who promote demonisation or criminalisation of homosexuality are gay (approximation)
Novice final: This house would make the punishment for crimes of theft inversely proportional to the wealth of the victim (approximation)
Semi: This house would create country quotas for the acceptance of refugees and allow for trade of these obligations
Final: This house would create a Supreme Court to protect future generations from current lawmakers

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