Durham IV, Durham 2012

R1: THW ban male circumcision for Under 18s, except for medical reasons.
R2: TH wants the USA to lead a Coalition of the Willing to intervene militarily in Syria.
R3: THBT developed countries should not retaliate to protectionist measures by developing countries.
R4: THW publicly shame persons found guilty of committing hate speech.
R5: THBT Britain should seek issue based coalitions rather than a further integration into the EU.
Semi: “Context: A pill has been developed which, if taken during pregnancy will ensure the birth of straight children. At no point can it be determined if the child would otherwise have been straight or gay.
Motion: This House would allow prospective mothers to take the pill.”
Novice Final: This House would ban extremist political parties.
Final: This House would support the partition of nation-states along their ethnic lines.

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