ROUND 1: “Gurlie”
– This house celebrates the “fetishization” of the LGBT in porn (men who watch lesbian porn; women who watch gay porn; shemale)
– This house would fabricate evidence in order to create the impression that historical icons had been gay
– Info slide: A study conducted by Cambridge University describes the role of genetic regulators which influences whether an immature germ cell differentiates into a male or female cell, and how that process can be manipulated. In the future, it is possible for stem cells from a male to be used to produce an egg, allowing an infant to have two biological fathers. Motion: Assuming feasibility, This house believes that the state should heavily subsidize the access to “2-father babies”.

ROUND 2 : “Givenchi kokoli datung”
– This house will impose minimum educational qualification as a requirement to stock market participation
-Info slide: A charter city involves a developing country giving a long term lease on a small area of land to a developed country. The developed country will build and govern a new city for a pre-determined period of time. Motion: This house would establish charter cities in developing countries
– This house will repeal all laws requiring mandatory remittances from Overseas workers

ROUND 3 : “taralets penpen de chorvaloo”
– This house would include E-sports in the Olympics
– This house will allow organized fight clubs
– This house supports the integration of moral choices in games

– This house will go back in time and save Jesus Christ from crucifixion
– This house believes that the Ministry of Magic should require wizards to live in muggle communities
– In case of a zombie-epidemic, This house believes that zombies have a right to a humane life in special zombie-habitats

ROUND 5 : “Huling push? K mo yan ‘teh!”
– Info slide: Kevin really hates Charles. For four years, Kevin meticulously planned how to kill Charles, and he learned that Charles loves eating Lechon belly. Last night, Kevin gave Charles a cyanide laced lechon belly which Charles ate heartedly. To Kevin’s surprise, he saw Charles the next day happy, blooming and healthy. It turns out that Charles is immune to cyanide. Motion:  This house will still charge Kevin with Murder.
– This house will repeal all laws that criminalize any form of speech (Libelous,Seditious, Discriminatory, Slanderous, Defamation)
– This house would not afford religious identity the same level of anti-discrimination protection as inborn traits (ex. race and *sexuality)

QUARTERS: “ Ms. International”
– This house believes that the EU should ban its member states from selling arms to former Soviet States
– This house would make the ratification of the ICC charter as a pre-condition for UNSC membership
– This house believes that the United Nations should tax the profits of all natural resource sales worldwide.

SEMIS : “”Charles is the new Char! Charles!”
– Assuming the technology exists which allows an absolute “mind wipe”, This house would allow convicted criminals to choose it as penalty over incarceration
– If Vatican discovers evidence that the Judeo-Christian God is female, this house will destroy it
– Aromantic is the lack of of romantic attraction towards anyone.TH prefers an Aromantic world

Finals : Madam Josie Rizal
– This house regrets the conception of a National Hero (debated)
– This house believes that Philippines should abandon its claim on Sabah in exchange for Malaysia’s support to the Philippines’ claim to the West Philippine Sea.
– This house will give more votes to those who pay higher income tax

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