Cameroon Debate Academy July 2013

Demo debate – THW compel children to care for their elderly parents
Mini-debate – THBT Modern technology has done more harm than good to the Cameroonian youth
Practice 1 – THW increase taxes on tobacco
Practice 2 – THBT citizens should not give money to beggers
Practice 3 – THW ban international adoption
Practice 4 – THBT all politicians should publicly disclose all of their finances sixty days before the election
Practice 5 – THBT Crimes committed by police should be punished more severely
Practice 6 – THBT Cameroonian youth will be better off if they stay in Cameroon

Round 1 – THBT the African Union should have one Pan-African Army
Round 2 – THW have university administrations elected by the students and faculty
Round 3 – THBT parents should not hit their children
Round 4 – THW have Cameroon adopt one educational system for Francophones and Anglophones
Semifinal – THBT Western Cameroon should be an independent state
Final – THW ban bushmeat

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